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Very simply, we specialize in clothing that captures the sweetness and innocence of our children.

As a mother of 3, I always sought out unique and quality clothing for my children.  I was never drawn to the latest trendy fads, but to classic and traditional clothes that could be passed down from sibling to sibling, as well as, quality-made clothes that would last.

I could never find these types of clothes and shoes in mainstream department stores or even well-known brand clothing lines.  I had to seek them out in small, specialty boutique shops which meant the outfits were always unique and one-of-a-kind pieces.

And I would always forgo an outfit for myself to splurge on a really cute dress or a pair of shoes for one of my children!  Always!



Here at TWO FAWNS, you won't find flashy prints, bold colors or the latest children's fashion fads.  Not that there is anything wrong with that, but we're different.  We're unique.  And we are proud to fill in the gap for traditional clothing for children of all ages.

As you browse through our online store, you'll find that we are drawn to classic clothing for girls and boys, the kind that doesn't go out of style or change with the seasons.

Here, you will find soft pink pastels and baby blue colors, delicate embroidery, and exquisite detailing. Quality pieces that are hand-picked and clothes we would dress our own children in.



While we are proud to offer a high-quality selection of clothing and shoes for your baby or child, TWO FAWNS got its start with one of our other popular non-clothing products.

Our flagship product, "TWO FAWNS BPA-Free Non-Toxic Silicone Baby Spoons" is loved by parents worldwide in colors like "Green Apple", "Blueberry Blue", "Tomato Red", "Bubble Gum Pink" and "Tangerine Orange".

We are also excited to carry a good selection of gear and accessories for both baby and mom, to make parenting as easy as possible. 



We are shoppers, as well as sellers, so we know how important customer service is to us when we make purchases online. Our mission is very simple - treat our customers the way we would like to be treated as a customer. 

We promise to:

  • Give you "5-Star Customer Service"
  • Value your business
  • Be here for you before and after the sale 

TWO FAWNS is a family-owned business located in the State of Louisiana, USA, right outside of the New Orleans area.

We want you to be happy and love shopping with us at TWO FAWNS!



If you have a baby or child that has outgrown a favorite outfit, then you know how one special outfit can invoke special memories of that small snapshot in time.

Where you were when the photo was taken...what your child's favorite toy or thing to do was at the time. 

I have outfits with memories that are so special to me of those moments in time, I can't bear to let them go.

Our greatest wish is for a TWO FAWNS outfit to be a part of your special memories too!





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